Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pocket Gardening.

While searching for a new way to garden for people living in an urban area I came across this really awesome new thing called pocket gardening! Some pockets were pinned to walls and others were made into sort of nets/fencing for mass production. Here's the link:

Congratulations new 2012 FCGA board members!

Renee Bourassa, President

Beth Bukoksi, Treasurer

William (Bill) DeMartini, Secretary

Audrey Hayn, At Large (Communications Director)

Pam Bell, At Large

Eli Roth, At Large

Congratulations again to the new 2012 board members!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

2012 Plot Assigments

Here are the plot assignments as of 3/18/2012:
Click here for the most up to date plot assignments. 

Monday, March 12, 2012

Master Gardener Classes and Seminars

Richard Louv, in the House!

The author of Last Child in the Woods and the newly released The Nature Principle, Richard Louv, will be hosting a couple events in the area. 

Piedmont Environmental Council is hosting a lecture entitled "Ending Nature-Deficit Disorder" in Leesburg, VA on March 14th at Tuscarora High School. Visit his website for more information.

The Catoctin Forest Alliance (CFA) is offering a one day conference at Mount St. Mary’s College in Emmitsburg, MD on May 4, 2012 from 8:00am until 4:30pm.  The focus of the meeting will be to raise awareness of the importance of connecting our children to nature for their health and well being as well as for the future health of the environment.

Richard Louv introduced the term "nature-deficit disorder" in his best-selling book Last Child in the Woods, as a way to describe the growing gap between children and nature. He wrote, “Our children are the first generation to be raised without meaningful contact with the natural world." Last Child in The Woods, which has helped to start an international movement since it came out in 2005, explores the increasing divide between children and the natural world. It also presents a growing body of research indicating that this divide threatens people's health, our creativity, our spiritual life, and our stewardship of the environment.

A few years later, Louv recounts, a woman literally grabbed him by the lapels and said, "Listen to me, adults have nature-deficit disorder, too." He says, "She was right, of course." Her assertion became the starting point for Louv's newest book The Nature Principle, which explores ways that adults can bring more nature into our everyday lives--where we live, work, and play. In both books, Louv offers a positive vision for the future in which people of all ages reap extraordinary benefits by connecting, or reconnecting, with nature.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Answer to Life's Most Pressing Questions

Like when do I start my seedlings indoors? When should I transplant them to the garden? Maybe I should plant it directly in the dirt? When would I do that?

Check out University of Maryland's Extension's vegetable planting is the answer to all your questions!