Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Membership Forms

Hi Everyone!

Here are links to all of the forms you need to fill out if you want a garden plot this year.

The deadline for Forms is Feb 12th. We will operate on a first come first serve basis, with priority given to previous members. If we experience a high volume of applicants, new members will be selected using a lottery system. If you don't get a space, you can be put on a waiting list until a plot becomes available, or if we add an additional site.

Please read all of the forms carefully. We will not accept incomplete application packets. We will be voting on the dues at tomorrow's meeting so you will need to fill in where it says "fee"

Your completed application packet should include:

Waiver ( You do not need to sign one if you filled one out last year )
Photo Release form
A Check or cash for dues- Again, I will keep you updated on the amount we decide on at the meeting so please hold off on sending anything in until we have that information

Sorry, I know it's a lot of paperwork. Once we get past all of this, the fun can begin!

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