Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sad news for FCGA

We have some unfortunate news for the FCGA community. I just received notice that the owner of our garden property has new plans for his property, deciding not to renew our lease this year.

The good news is with your help, passion and dedication, the FCGA has grown considerably, and in many ways has truly outgrown our current location. This is a golden opportunity to move to a larger location, preferably with more sun and less mosquitoes! We are currently searching for our new location, still in the downtown Frederick area. If anyone has any specific ideas, we would be very excited to hear them, your input is very important. Specifically, all we need is a large piece of land in downtown Frederick (grass, dirt or even concrete!), a supportive property owner and we will make everything else work around that.

If you have any tools, structures, perennial plants or other personal items in the garden, please pick them up by the end of February. We have a few membership applications already, I'm going to hold onto the applications and the checks until we have a better outlook on our new location and growing season!

I am going to be storing everything that is currently in the garden shed, as well as the smaller rain barrels, in my garage for the time being. Brad has generously offered to move the larger rain barrel to our new location once it is found.

I wanted to say thank you to all those that made this garden such a happy little community over the past few years. I really enjoy being a part of it and am extremely excited for this next phase of the garden’s growth!

We will be talking to property owners over the next several weeks so please forward any location suggestions you have as soon as possible, we have a growing season fast approaching and I can't wait to get my hands in the dirt!

I will keep everyone up to date on the progress of our new home!


  1. Hello. My wife Carmen Schmersahl was hoping to join FCGA. I am willing to help in your efforts to find a new location. I have looked at the aerial photos available on Spires GIS - City of Frederick web page. There is a surprising amount of green in this area . I would like to meet with someone to look over those photos / maps , find promising sites and then contact the owners - also publicly availabe information .
    Jim Schmersahl 35 East All Saints Street Unit #9

  2. You may want to contact the Mayor's office about sites J&K on the creek. I believe they have had it 'for sale' previously, but development of the site is likely to take many years in any event. Good luck!

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