Friday, February 27, 2009

Needs/ Has list

Here is a list of what we need, and who in the group has things they are willing to donate. Please check the list, and add anything you think we need or that you have and are willing to give under the comments section. Dont forget to put your name!


  • Rain Barrels

  • Seeds

  • Compost bins

  • tomato cages

  • tiller

  • small green house

  • wheelbarrow

  • buckets

  • rakes, trowels, shovels, etc.

  • potting soil

  • Compost

  • Mary Jo & Ed: hand tools, soil, rain barrel

  • Beth & Matt: Manure, egg cartons, space for seedlings, chicken wire, tiller, labor for riggin barrel

  • Hillary: shovels, pond liner, preform ponds, tubing, mosquito dunks

  • Dan Lawton: tractor

  • Anna: rake, hoe, space for seedlings

  • Brad Palmer: tools to loan (rakes & shovels), irrigation components, woodworking equipment for sheds, trellis, fencing, buidling composting bins and irrigation systems, 3 trucks (one is a dump truck), and bricks for building a pizza oven on site.

  • Summer Creek Farms: Large bag of organic fertilizer

  • Karen & Eli: Hand trowels, seedling pots, seeds, Bioactivator for compost.

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