Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Second Meeting

Our second meeting was slightly smaller than the first, but no less productive. After a brief discussion concerning the meaning of community, we then broke up into our respective committees and got to work laying the ground work for our garden. The primary key action items to arise from these discussions are as follows:

Legal Issues Committee
- Attain 501C3 status

Membership & Fund Raising Committee
- Create a budget
- Establish membership dues
- Establish treasurer
- Establish membership guidelines
- Identify possible donors
- Look into “wooden nickel” support from the Common Market

Tools & Supplies Committee
- Identify and gather necessary supplies
- Groundhogs were identified as major problem at Cannon Hill property (current supplies inventory soon to follow)

Logistics Committee
- Identify garden location

Much of our progress hinges on the selection of a garden site and establishing ourselves as a non-profit (501C3 stuff). We will then have a better idea of our budget as well as be able to solicit for possible sponsors.

Our next meeting will take place on Sunday, March 1st at 3pm (meeting in library community room). Provided we are granted access to the property, this meeting might involve a short field trip to check out the Cannon Hill property! Also, I believe there was a suggestion to push our meeting time back? I will be sure to keep you all updated should there be any changes in the above time.

Thanks again to everyone who came out! Things are definitely moving along!

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