Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What issues to you want to see addressed in our community?

Hello out there!

I am in the very beginning phase of coming up with ideas for my doctoral dissertation for my PhD in Environmental Studies. The topic will be related to community food security and sustainability. I want my dissertation to focus on a real and current issue that we face in the Frederick community. Who better to help me brainstorm than a group of people who are interested in community gardening!

I'm looking for input from whomever wants to share an idea or who has a question that could possibly be answered by a research project in our town. Think big! Feel free to post comments on this page or email me at



  1. I want to know how to motivate your regular, run of the mill citizen who has to deal with a mortgage, family problems, an unstable economy, etc., to contribute to sustainable community action (beyond recycling and composting)

  2. I agree with the previous comment. There is a growing interest in buying/supporting locally grown/raised foods, however higher costs and decreased accessibility to local food prevent a lot of people from supporting local agriculture. There seem to be a lot of reasons (economic subsidies for starters) for why local farmers have trouble competing with the large-scale farms that supply most of the food to local grocery stores. I think if the price we paid for food truly reflected the cost of producing it, we would have food security, because the cheapest, best option would be the local one. This might be too big of an issue to take on for a PhD thesis, but I think that it’s completely feasibly for our geographic region to have food security as long as there is a real economic benefit for average people to own and operate small-scale diversified farms.